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500 Israeli scouts selected to participate in year of service

Every year, Israel Scouts sends approximately 500 high school alumni to participate in one year of community service.

Selected from 2000 candidates following a challenging application process, participants will live in communes of five to eight people made up of Israel Scouts during the year-long volunteer program, and work in a town on the social periphery or in a boarding school.

Participants enjoy an amazing experience where they live in Israel, volunteer in Israeli society, expand their leadership qualities and strengthen their connection to Israel.

Volunteering work may include working in a local community center, working in a local Israel Scouts chapter, after-school activities, building a close connection with the local youth, working as a social counselor and working as an assistant teacher or student aide in a local school.

There are numerous tracks that accommodate participants' needs and skills, and each track has its own set of goals and visions. Every track and its educational missions are designed to be relevant to the community that the participants serve.

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