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Delegation Selection Process

Over 200 Israeli scouts entered the final round of tests and evaluations at the end of December to join next summer's greatly-anticipated Israel Scouts delegation to the United States.

Out of the 1000 participants who started the process on a local level, 76 outstanding participants from across Israel were chosen to fly to the US in the summer as part of the movement's Friendship Caravan and US Camps delegations.

Friendship Caravan

The Friendship Caravan is the primary project of the Israel Scouts in connecting to the Diaspora.

30 scouts will travel this summer as part of the Caravan to perform for approximately 200 Jewish communities across the US – a project that has been running for over 40 years!

The Caravan has brought Israeli songs, dance and spirit to over 150,000 people in approximately 42 US states since its inception.

Decades after its first tour, the Caravan still entertains and celebrates the strong connection between Israel and the Jewish community in North America.

The Caravan's audience, Jewish summer camp participants across the US, get to know the best that Israeli youth have to offer and strengthen their connection with Israel.

USA Camps Delegation

A group of 46 talented 17-year-old Israelis will travel for three months to a range of US destinations as representatives of both the Israel Scouts and the State of Israel, connecting young American Jewry to the Jewish state.

Following their selection, delegates will undergo a six-month preparation process to learn about leading in English, the Jewish world and the various streams of Diaspora Judaism. In addition, delegates will develop skills to effectively pass on their experiences of Israel, Jewish identity and current affairs.

Short Delegations to Europe

In addition to assessments for long-term delegations to the US, participants also competed for places on upcoming short-term movement delegations to Holland, Macedonia, Lithuania and Germany this summer.

Participants accepted to the Holland delegation will travel to the Roverway European Scouts event - first time Israel will have participants in that event ever!, the Macedonia delegation will travel to the national Macedonian Jamboree in Skrebatno and the Lithuania delegation will participate in the 100th anniversary celebrations of Lithuanian Scouts.

Finally, for the third time, a theater-themed delegation will travel to Berlin. Participants will meet German teenagers in order to learn about their shared past, consider the present and plan the future – all through acting!

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