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From Israeli Scouts to the Israeli Air Force's newest pilots!

The Israeli Air Force's pilots course is the most demanding and prestigious mandatory service course available to young Israelis.

Of only 36 new pilots who successfully graduated from the 175th pilots course, the Israel Scouts were proud to see many of our graduates receiving their wings.

Statistics relating to Israel's new defenders of the skies are a real source of pride for Israel's youth movements: 58% of course graduates have been involved in youth movements, of which 57% were active members of the Israel Scouts. 28% of graduates participated in a year of service through a youth movement prior to joining the army.

Given the impressive statistics, approximately 200 Israel Scouts currently participating in a year of service were invited as guests of honor by the commander of the Israeli Air Force.

The pilots marked the end of seven years of intense training with an impressive ceremony marking their graduation, attended by Israel's prime minister, defense minister, chief of staff, commander of the Israeli Air Force and thousands of friends, families and others wishing to see the graduation.

Good luck to all the new graduates – and thank you for protecting us from above.

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