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Israel Scouts Encyclopedia

Scout Region - הנהגה

The Hebrew Scouts Movement in Israel is organized by different Scout regions over the country, each region contains around 15-20 Scout tribes and 6,000-10,000 Scouts aged 10 to 18 years old.

As of today, we have 15 different Scout regions in Israel:

North, Haifa, Horesh, Shachar, Dror, Tzuk, Dan, Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan, Ayalon, Hof, Sorek, Jerusalem, Yehuda and Darom.

Each region has an office with a team of volunteers and professionals making it all work.

For the list of all regions and tribe (currently only in Hebrew), click here.

Camp - מחנה

The word "מחנה" (MACHANE) means a camp, and in Israel we usually use the word camp when we want to mention the Summer-Camp, as this is the only main camp we have during the year. The rest of the Scouts nature events are hikes, but camp we have only one, in Summer.

Each Scout region in our country has it's own summer camp, and in total we have this summer 18 different summer camps in 6 different forests around the country during the month of July.

And yes, our camps are very different then any summer camp you know elsewhere in the world :-)

Guide / Leader - מדריך

The Hebrew word for a Scout leader in our movement is "Madrich" and it is actually manages to allude to the duality of the responsibility that lays on their shoulders - being an inspiring and charismatic leader on the one hand, and serving as a guide who shares his or her vast knowledge and experiences with others at the same time.

Delegation - משלחת

In the Israeli Scouts, each group traveling abroad is a "Mishlahat", delegation, contingent. Naming each of our international projects with the name Mishlahat, makes every single participant to an ambassador of the Israeli Scouts and the Israeli country. It is no more a "trip" but an international encounter representing the all Scouts organization abroad.

During summer 2017, over 1,400 Israeli Scouts are taking part in different delegations outside of Israel, representing the Israeli Scouts and bringing back home new ideas, new friendships and new motivation for the future.

Scouts Tribe - שבט צופים

An Israeli Scouts Tribe (in Hebrew-Shevet) usually have from 100 to 1,700 scouts, living in the same neighborhood and having activities together-meetings, ceremonies, hikes, camps and much more.

The leadership team contains scouts aged 18 years old, 2 adults (21-25 years old) and one Tribe chief (volunteer 40-70 years old).

Each Shevet is having activities in the same days, twice a week, usually every Tuesday and Friday.

Aniva - עניבה

Literally translated as "tie", the Aniva is actually the scarf that is a hallmark sign of the Israel Scoutsand is actually bound differently from other scouts movements around the globe.

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