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Israel Scouts Ranch

Situated in the picturesque north of Israel, Havat Ha'Tzofim (The Scouts Ranch) is Israel Scouts' youth hostel and national Scouting training center.

In 1950, only two years after the State of Israel gained independence, a joint effort by Israel Scouts and one of its sister movements, US-based Young Judaea, it was decided to build the center as the future home of the movement's national activities.

Its final location, Givat Shamir, was chosen in 1954, given the area's suitability for learning agricultural skills and with the intention to develop the land itself.

With financial assistance from various organizations in Israel and the US, improvements to the Scouts Ranch included the construction of a youth hostel, libraries, sports facilities, meeting halls and a dining room.

In 1993, nearly 40 years after the establishment of the Scouts Ranch, the movement founded its National Scouting Center at the site.

The center aspires to develop and widen the scouting education method, based on Lord Baden-Powell's founding principles.

The center is assisted by 6-10 highly-trained Israel Scouts leaders who volunteer a year of their time after finishing high school and dedicate their time to achieving this aim.

These leaders promote scouting as a tool to teach important lessons and ideas to participants, including special sessions for at-risk youth and those with special needs.

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