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Israel Scouts Update - April 2020

Dear friends in Scouting,

I would like to update you about some chosen projects taking place during the last month at the Hebrew Scouts Movement in Israel. As there are many events and projects, in the virtual space along with many activities of Scouts volunteering in distribution of food baskets, agricultural volunteers, appreciation to Holocaust survivors and bereaved families, "balcony singing" performances and much more.

We would like to thank all the parents, for the great trust they give us these days for continuing online activity and allowing their children to go out and volunteer. This is also an opportunity to salute to all Scout leaders, coordinators and volunteers who give their heart, time and energy during this difficult time!

1. Keeping a safe network space: As the youth are spending long hours in front of the screen, we decided to develop new tools to help leaders and parents to keep them safe:

Code of Conduct at a Scout Meeting – presented at the beginning of every meeting.

Principles page for dealing with an injury or misconduct incident

2. Scouts Remember - #תנועה_זוכרת

* Holocaust Memorial Day

i. A special website section for the Holocaust Memorial Day.

ii. Brave Together – National project to transfer Holocaust memory from passive to active, we seek to put the person at the center. We work to strengthen the image of survivors and perished as heroes. To this day Holocaust memory focused on tragedy, but in order for memory to continue to exist, we must harness memory to the empowering place.

iii. Tips for leaders of Scouts with Special Needs during memorial days activities.

iv. Holocaust Memorial Ceremonies – Every Scout Tribe organized a local virtual ceremony for the community, some are recorded and available for watching.

v. We have recorded two meetings between Scouts and holocaust witnesses for scout leaders to use and watch. Solomon Perel and Yehuda Eyal Fisher ("Foldo").

* National Memorial Day

i. A special website section for the National Memorial Day.

ii. Lighting a memorial candle – We invite you all to light a candle as a memorial.

iii. About 20 Scout Tribes are named after fallen Soldiers of Israel and victims of terrorism. We worked on a project to commemorate them.

iv. A National Scouts Memorial Ceremony was broadcast live from Jerusalem during the memorial evening.

* Israel Independence Day

i. A special website section for the Independence Day.

ii. Scouts Torch-lighting Ceremony – is taking place with 12 chosen Scouts projects who will be presented.

iii. The flagpole challenge was lunched for Scouts making at their homes a small flagpole structure. Check out this example video.

3. Ten Days of Gratitude– The Hebrew Scouts have joined an initiative of 10 days of saying thank you.

4. Large events planned for May:

  1. Sustainability week – During the week of 3-9 of May, the Israel Scouts will initiate the national week of sustainability with lot's of activities for the environment and for earth. A dedicated website section with program for leaders and national, regional and local events are going to take place soon.

  2. 9th of May: Victory DayEducational Materials.

  3. 12th of May: Lag BaOmer – to be published soon.

  4. 21st of May: Memorial Day for Ethiopian Jews who perished on their way to IsraelEducational Materials.

  5. 21st of May: Jerusalem Day – to be published soon.

  6. 28th-30th of May: Shavuot Holiday – "Tiqun Leyl Shavuot" special virtual event for Jewish Scouts all over the world.

If you have any questions regarding any of our projects, feel free to contact us for more information!

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