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Protest Against Immigration Police by Shevet Eitan

Members of Shevet Eitan, a Scouts Tribe in South Tel-Aviv, coordinated a protest against the immigration police after two children from the group were arrested on their way to school. The protest was held outside of Givon Prison in Ramla where the two children and their mothers are being held. Their mothers are illegal immigrants from the Philippines, while the children were both born and raised in Israel.

This was the largest protest that has taken place since the operation has begun. The goal of the protest was to release the two children that were arrested and to change the deportation laws in Israel. The children blocked the streets and police vehicles while holding signs condemning the situation. The signs included statements such as “Hate does not belong in our school” and “Prison is not a place for children”. They also said that the girl that was arrested was one of them and that the children have been “depressed” since she was taken. The Scouts helped get not only teachers, but also the Principal of the school to protest with them.

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