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Sea Scouts in Israel

When most people think of Israel Scouts, they don't often think about the sea.

One of Israel's greatest assets is its wonderful coastline and lakes, and Israel Scouts makes the most of the opportunity on our shores.

When a group of participants are together in a boat, they need to work together in order to sail to their destination. Furthermore, in this challenging environment, there is no escape – there is no choice but for everyone to pull their weight.

The marine environment, which is full of challenges and not always in the simplest of weather conditions, forces participants and leaders to meet

challenges head on and defeat them.

Boat-based activities help develop responsibility-taking, leadership, discipline and respect for equipment and each other.

In Israel, sea scouting begins in 5th grade due to the physical nature of the activities. These activities always include a mix of land-based and sea-based programming. Every age group benefits from a specially designed program, involving different sorts of boats, social activities and volunteering opportunities.

Participants take part in long sailing expeditions along the Israeli coastline, sailing competitions and more. Every winter, scouts are invited to participate in a national rowing competition and, every Spring, our scouts join a program in coordination with the Israeli Navy in the southern town of Eilat.

Israel Scouts is also proud to present a Sea Scouting program for participants with special needs: Anchor For Life – Sea Bracelet.

This is a marine educational program for children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The boot is a tool that we use to help develop skills, personal responsibility and self-confidence in a friendly and interesting environment.

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