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Short-Term Delegations Getting Ready for Take-off

An incredible 1,000 Israel Scouts participants are excited and getting ready to take part in a range of scout camps across the world this year.

Selected following a competitive process featuring participants from across Israel, national delegations are set to fly this summer to camps in countries including Holland, Macedonia and Lithuania.

National delegation to the Roverway in the Netherlands

An exceptional group of Israeli scouts will join the 4,000 European scouts that gather every three years for the Roverway camp!

A delegation of 16-17-year-olds are looking forward to the camp in July which will focus on multiculturalism and mutual respect, topics of great importance for Israel Scouts.

Participants will trek one of the 60-80 different routes offered by Roverway throughout the Netherlands, camping in tents and volunteering within the community on the way.

National delegation to Macedonia

Israeli scouts are delighted to be joining the Macedonian national jamboree in July 2018, alongside 500 participants from across Macedonia and Europe.

The national jamboree takes place every 5 years, with an emphasis on Scout activities and trekking.

Israeli participants will enjoy a truly unique, cultural experience based on four key topics: nature and trekking, culture and tradition, scouting skills and, finally, fun and challenges.

National delegation to Lithuania

A further Israeli delegation is getting ready for the Lithuanian Scouts' national jamboree celebrating 100 years of scouting in Lithuania – aptly titled "Generation of Campfire."

The celebratory jamboree will include camping, cooking on bonfires, incredible nature and the promise of unforgettable experiences alongside our Lithuanian hosts.

As with all other delegations, participants will be representing Israel in front of hundreds of European youth that have never met Israelis.

In addition to the camp, the delegation will also enjoy a meeting with the Israeli Embassy in Lithuania and a tour of the history of the Jewish population in the country.

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