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International Relations Department

The Israel Scouts International Relations Department primarily focuses its efforts on maintaining, strengthening and deepening its links with the Jewish Diaspora. In addition, as part of our operations in the World Organization of the Scout Movement, we believe in the importance of connecting with Scout organizations all over the world – mainly through delegations, exchanges and joint seminars.

Our department is in constant contact with movements, organizations and Jewish Diaspora communities.

We are responsible for four key programs aimed at our Scout participants.

In the past 5 years, the department's activity has greatly expanded, participants' experiences in different delegations have grown and skills learned by participants from their participation in such activities have increased.

Participants return to their Scout-tribes having enjoyed unforgettable experiences, with improved social and leadership skills, motivation and great belief in the ability of youth to influence and design life in Israeli society today and in the future.

Chetz v'Keshet

Chetz v'Keshet is a summer program in Israel which takes place all over the country with participants from the USA and Israel.

The length of the program is approximately 4 weeks and it aims to strengthen Jewish identity and attachment to the State of Israel through connecting with Diaspora Jewry and Zionism.

The program includes visiting the key sites in the country combined with educational and value-based activities, based on historical, geographical and cultural elements of Israeli and Jewish history.

The program is constructed to take participants on a gradual process of exploration and building self-identity, allowing each participant to successfully deal with the difficult questions related to being a moral person and being part of the Jewish People.

This year, we expect approximately 110 participants from the USA who will be joined by 30 Israel Scouts participants aged 15-18.

Short-term Delegations

Short-term delegations is the umbrella term for all relations with the Scouts Movement in different countries, partnerships with youth movements and organizations across the world, relations with Jewish communities, international conferences and seminars, and more.

Each participant or graduate who takes part in a short-term delegation enjoys a unique experience which strengthens his/her Jewish identity and Israeli pride.

The delegation constitutes part of an educational process in which participants focus on topics including identity, advocacy, Israeli society, Zionism, culture, pluralism and activism.

We aspire to enable every participant in the Scouts Movement, including those with special needs and those from the periphery, to participate in our short-term delegations.

Delegations to the United States

For over 55 years, Israel Scouts has sent a delegation of leaders to the United States.

Delegations include participants, aged 17, who travel to the United States for three months.

Following a long and professional assessment and selection program, participants go through an in-depth preparation process to train them for the delegation.

This process lasts approximately six months, during which participants focus on a wide range of topics including representing and advocating for Israel, Jewish identity, current affairs, leadership in English, the Jewish world, being an envoy, as well as social and emotional preparation.

At the end of this preparation process, delegations depart to the United States, with their exact objectives dependent on their delegation's destination.

Journey to Poland

The Israel Scouts' journey to Poland is a journey of history, origins and Jewish culture and an in-depth exploration of Jewish identity, nationality. This takes place within a framework of preparation, the trip itself and evaluation.

The preparation process and the trip to Poland constitute part of the educational process of Scouts Movement, with an objective to implement the insights and values obtained during the visit in the daily life of every participant, in their sections, in the movement and the wider community.

The visit evokes moral dilemmas and educates the importance of acceptance of others, critical thinking and independence. All these lead participants towards one significant, key objective: Initiating social activism rather than just responding.

As a delegation of the Scouts Movement, all content during the preparation process and trip is suitable for youth movement participants.

The learning process is carried out through questioning, research, encouraging curiosity, reflections and conclusions in order to provide participants with a meaningful and authentic educational experience.

Holocaust education is structured to actively support each participant, and grants everyone the space to express themselves.

The journey is built on the concept of brotherhood that brings together participants from around the country and abroad in order to allow identity-based discussion that will enrich the world of our participants.

The trip and its content, delivered by a highly-skilled leadership team including movement leaders and Holocaust educators, gives participants all the tools for a meaningful educational experience.

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