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Tzabar Olami Conference December 26-28, 2019

Tzofim Tzabar is a program run for Israeli, Hebrew speaking children living outside of Israel, in North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and Australia. We provide weekly activities for 3rd-9th graders ran by high schoolers. There are over 40 Tribes (shvatim = chapters) around the world. These shavtim are based on the same values of the Israeli Scouts which includes education, tolerance, social responsibility, Zionism, and strengthening one’s Jewish identity. Alumni of the Israeli Scouts are sent to the different communities every year in order to lead these activities. Each week about 5,000 youth take part in these activities. The movement allows for Israelis living outside of the country to explore options such as gap years in Israel with the Tzofim or IDF service through Garin Tzabar.

This past December, the Israeli Scouts ran the second Tzabar International Conference in Israel during Hanukkah. This conference included 150 representatives from Tzofim programs all over the world including Australia, Ukraine, England, United States, Belarus, Netherlands, Moldova, Mexico, and Russia. Tzabar alumni and international delegation participants who are currently on Shnat Sherut (gap years) were also in attendance.

The program was centered around Israel education and connection of Judaism to Israeli culture. The programs included a day at Beit Hatfutsot, The Museum of the Jewish People, visiting Scout Tribes, having an authentic Scouting experience and Shabbat, and presentations regarding the future of Tzabar Olami and how to improve connections between Israel and their international partners.

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